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Company Name:
Clover Business Solutions
You are a tech pro. Champion of the semi-colon, parenthesis, and curly brace. You don't need to search stack overflow for code questions, for you have already answered them. So strong is your passion for emerging technology that you continue to read this job posting. And with your design, leadership, and consulting skills, you can schmooze with the big guns, and still make it to work in time for... well, an architect is never late, nor is he early: he arrives precisely when he means to.
Let it be known that your technical prowess and clear communication can get you where you want to be.
The Role
Our client is a global innovation, technology, and design firm. We are seeking an entrepreneurially-minded architect to help build their new office in Raleigh,
north carolina
. They are delivering software predominantly on the JVM stack and want to adopt the best the ecosystem has to offer.
You will be a trusted technical advisor to clients' leadership and CxOs. Help their projects teams plan and design their solutions. Write proof-of-concepts to solve the hardest problems. Lead technical workshops or programming competitions for the developers to learn new technology and ensure that they are following best practices across the board to deliver high quality software and maximize developer productivity.
Required Expertise:
Java and other JVM languages (Scala, Groovy...)
Modern JVM Web Frameworks (Play, Grails...)
Relational and non-relational databases (SQL variants, MongoDB...)
Developer productivity and testing tools (DVCS, CI, Selenium...)
Service-oriented architectures
Enterprise data integration
Cost and complexity estimation
Excellent teaching and communication skills
Desired Expertise:
Development and architecture on platforms other than the JVM: say NodeJS, .NET, Ruby, or Python.
They'd love to be able to use you as more than just the "Java/Scala Guy." - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist